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She thought the mealworms were great… and that the camera looked pretty tasty too. (Chiquita, my female Rainwater Patternless Leopard Gecko)

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10 Bleps That Prove A Cat Is Cutest When Its Tongue Is Out

The Blep: An adorable phenomenon that involves the protrusion of a cat’s cute pink tongue, often due to forgetfulness. 
Here we observe the blep in its many beautiful manifestations. 

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My OTP is better than your OTP.

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fun fact: Michael Cera asked Rihanna if he could slap her ass for real and she said “you can slap my ass for real if I can slap you in the face for real” and he was like alright. and they did the take like 3 times and Michael was like “you’re not hitting me hard enough do it for real” and then she slapped the fuck out of him and threw off his equilibrium so much he had to go lay down in his trailer for like half an hour lmao and that’s the take they used in the movie with no added sound effects 

his head disappears omg

bless this post

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Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lastsx

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late night sketcb, im pretty mad at drawing in general rn. also im lacking anatomy studies

I think that’s quite good.

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shoutout to the best onion article of all time

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A young Hideki Kamiya, the creator of Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Bayonetta (via Derek)

i understand now.

I hope that someday in the future people will say the same thing about photos of me in my youth.

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Cosplay girl http://hotcosplaygirl.tumblr.com/

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Luiga & Ho-oh by request (x,x)

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